Chiropractor for TMJ

Chiropractor for TMJ

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a hinge connected to the skull that allows people to move their jaws for the purposes of talking, chewing and yawning. Problems with this joint are known as temporomandibular disorders (TMD). Although TMD is not life-threatening, inadequate treatment can cause symptoms to become chronic and negatively impact a person’s quality of life.

At Melbourne Chiro Clinic, we offer TMJ treatment in Melbourne for those looking for a natural way to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by TMD. We can teach relaxation techniques to help loosen your jaw and relieve unnecessary pressure, as well as recommend dietary changes that involve eating soft foods such as mashed potatoes, soup, cooked fruit and vegetables, and yogurt.

The Causes and Symptoms of TMJ

There is no concrete information on what causes TMD, although injuries to the jaw from a heavy blow or whiplash have been identified as possible causes. Other causes may include excessive grinding or clenching of teeth. Regardless of the cause, our chiropractor for TMJ treatment can identify the source of the discomfort and offer suggestions that may be helpful.

Typically, TMD affects more women than men. Symptoms can be temporary or chronic and affect one or both sides of the face. Common symptoms our chiropractor for TMJ aims to treat include pain or tenderness, stuck jaws in the open or closed position, and clicking or popping sounds when moving the jaw. Other symptoms include headaches, toothaches, neck aches, and earaches.

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You can trust the team at Melbourne Chiro Clinic to provide TMJ treatment in Melbourne that’s tailored to your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor for TMJ.

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