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Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a technique that is primarily used in the field of therapy and counselling. Originally developed in the 1970’s, NLP is essentially about behaviour modelling and modification, meaning that any task or skill already done well, can be decoded and replicated so that others can learn to do the desirable same skill or task.

The technique is structured around the belief that a connection exists between neuro- (neurological processes, the brain and nervous system), linguistic (language, verbal and non-verbal) and programing (behavioural patterns learned through experiences, and habits of thought that lead to habits of behaviour.

NLP follows the principle that anyone can acquire the skill to learn how to make these change to modify the habits of negative behaviour. With the assistance of a trained practitioner, the process of an existing positive behaviour is identified (i.e. a skill or task that the individual already does well), and it’s learned how to apply the positive skills to overcome the negative behaviour.

NLP can be applied to many areas including:

Therapy and counselling, specifically looking at the processes that underlie a particular pattern, emotion or habit that is wanting to be modified.

Education and learning,

Personal development, to promote confidence and self-esteem, and modify unresourceful behaviours and habits.

Relationships (personal and professional), to enhance communication skills

NLP can be beneficial in overcoming:

  • Phobias
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Addictions, including smoking
  • Undesirable behaviours, including emotional or binge eating

This technique in a completely individualised approach that teaches invaluable strategies that can result in life changing outcomes. Ultimately NLP is about modelling excellence – identifying the skills that provide the thinking strategies in which the new behaviour is modelled on to achieve a positive and successful habit of thought and emotional state.

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