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Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective and proven tool used to directly tap into the subconscious mind to bring about a positive change in a particular area of life. Your practitioner helps you enter the pleasant and naturally occurring phenomena, known as ‘trance state.’ Trance state is the same state that everyone experiences when awakening from a good night’s sleep. Contrary to popular belief, you remain in complete control of your mind, body and decision making while in this state. In fact, you are at a heightened level of consciousness. Your practitioner is simply there to guide you through the process to achieve a successful outcome.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy

The technique can be described as a gentle and nurturing approach to creating behaviour change. Throughout history, hypnotherapy has had a range of purposes, including as anaesthesia in the 1700s. Since then, it has been replaced by other anaesthetics, forcing it to evolve and become the type of hypnotherapy we now recognise. Today, it is used to make slight adjustments to behaviours.

Hypnotherapy is beneficial for overcoming phobias, addictions, anxiety, trauma from past life events, and changing other undesirable habit patterns. Some phobias can inhibit the sufferer’s life. For example, a fear of needles can discourage someone from seeking medical treatment, while a fear of flying restricts somebody’s ability to see the world. The aim of hypnotherapy is to reach the subconscious and plant the seed of change. Smokers, gamblers and other addicts have also found success in hypnotherapy.

How Hypnotherapy Works

The subconscious part of our brain holds our imagination, memories, emotions, automatic body responses, patterns of habit, and the most deeply held beliefs that form a significant part of what makes each individual themselves.

It is these features that drive an individual’s decisions, and shapes attitudes and perceptions. When attitudes, habitual behaviours, emotions and behavioural patterns want to be changed, it is the subconscious that needs to be targeted to create long-lasting change.

Remember, hypnotherapy can only induce change in those wanting to change. It cannot make you do anything you don’t want to.

Change Your Life Today

Hypnotherapy at MNMC is a collaborative approach between the client and practitioner. By interacting and working together, the trained hypnotherapist helps facilitate the pathway to enable access into the subconscious and bring about the positive change that the individual has identified as desirable.

Not all patients are able to be hypnotised with the same techniques. Varying levels of IQ, ability to concentrate and the skills of the hypnotist are all factors in how quickly a person will reach the trance state. We work hard to find the right method for you to assist with your lifestyle changes.

If you think hypnotherapy could be the answer to your problems, find out more about the experienced hypnotherapists at Melbourne Chiro Clinic. Call our helpful staff on (03) 9686 2566 today to book an appointment or find out more information, or fill out our online contact form to receive a prompt response.

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