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Hip Pain Treatment

Hip Pain Treatment

Our hips are one of the most commonly used joined in our body. The ‘ball and socket’ formation of the joint enables fluid, free movement of our legs with a full range of motion. As the largest ball and socket joint in the human body, the ball part of the joint enables the leg to move front to back, left to right and around in circles. It also helps keep us upright and allows us to bear weight. The ball is protected by cartilage, which prevents friction between the ball and socket. Over time, however, and through overuse, the cartilage within the hip joint can begin to degrade and wear down, leading to the two bones rubbing together and causing significant pain. Melbourne Chiro Clinic offers numerous hip pain treatments to help you live your life to the fullest.

How is Hip Pain Caused?

Hip pain can be caused by numerous factors. Aside from the aforementioned degradation of cartilage in the joint, hip pain can also be the result of muscle or tendon strain or tendinitis. In some cases, it can even be the result of referred pain from a problem in the lower back. With so many different potential causes of hip pain, it’s important to identify to root cause and choose the appropriate treatment options. Pain treatment and management should be assessed on an individual basis, so it really comes down to finding the right option to suit your requirements.

Hip Pain Treatments

When choosing the most appropriate hip pain treatment, it’s always advised to choose the option that best alleviates the source or nature of your pain. Pharmaceutical pain management and surgery for severe pain is a common and often necessary recommendations. However, it is also important to consider additional complimentary therapies, like Chiropractic, to help manage pain, improve movement and function, and enhance quality of life.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Hip Pain

Chiropractic is a gentle and drug-free therapy that has demonstrated positive results in alleviating and managing pain associated with joint dysfunction. A qualified and experienced chiropractor will be able to identify the source of your hip discomfort. Whether it’s from overuse, inflammation, trauma or some form of soft tissue injury, one of our chiropractic team members can prescribe a detailed treatment program that could incorporate gentle spinal manipulation, improve range of movement, increase joint mobility, strengthen weakened muscles, manage muscle tension, targeted stretches and gentle exercises and natural anti-inflammatory and pain management strategies.

Combining chiropractic treatments with more conventional methods is a comprehensive approach that not only provides patients with the best of both worlds, but may also help patients avoid the need for unnecessary drug therapy and major surgery. Chiropractic care helps the body to feel better, recover better, and respond better to it’s environment.

Learn More Today

Hip pain can be quite debilitating for people of any age, but it is treatable. If you’ve never tried chiropractic treatment for hip pain before and want to give it a go, make an appointment with Melbourne Chiro Clinic today.

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