Your Chiropractor for Degenerative Joint Pain

Your Chiropractor for Degenerative Joint Pain

Degenerative joint pain is extremely common, with estimates from the ABS putting the number of Australian sufferers at around 2.1 million – or 9% of the population.

Melbourne Chiro Clinic offers chiropractic care for people suffering from this often debilitating condition. Our team of experienced practitioners take a holistic approach to reducing pain and increasing ease of movement for our patients, with a focus on improving their overall quality of life.

Suitable for men and women of all ages, our treatments are based on a comprehensive assessment of your health to ensure we are providing the most appropriate care for your needs. To arrange an appointment with a chiropractor for degenerative joint pain, please contact us.

What is Degenerative Joint Pain?

This condition occurs when the protective cartilage between the bones starts to wear away, leading to pain, swelling and difficulty moving the joint. It can occur in any joint but typically affects the knees, back, hips, neck, thumbs and big toes.

In the most advanced cases, the cartilage breaks down completely to leave one bone rubbing against the other. The extreme pain caused by this leads many to seek help from a chiropractor for degenerative joint pain.

As well as increased age, risk factors include genes, obesity and weak thigh muscles, as well as joint injury and overuse. Women are also more likely to suffer from the condition.

For more information on how seeing a chiropractor for degenerative joint pain could help you, please contact Melbourne Chiro Clinic by phone, email or online contact form.

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